Meet the Afrilabel Team….

Melanie Thomson

Design & Quality Control

Not a drop of ink leaves our hands until it’s been through the hands of Mel. Our expert on all things quality,she makes sure your products come to you at our highest standard! Can you find quality like it anywhere else! Look at our products and decide for yourself. Quality is key!

The BAD AKA Courtney the chop
Courtney Thomson

Design and Social Media

The lady with the words and loud mouth, Courtney the chop manages our social media pages and website to keep you updated on how we roll and all things Team Afrilabel. Marketing is thirsty work, she gets paid in beer! And… she’s quite handy with our design software and printer

The UGLY AKA Nic the Shorty
Nicholas Thomson

Content Creation

The man of the hour, Nic is our main man for design, external sales and just about anything else we need him for and can throw at him! Nic is our resident mind reader and main illustrator who brings our sticker wishes to life. And he’s an absolute whizz on luigi the cutter