Afrilabel FAQ

Are you able to print white ink on clear labels?

Our clear labels are printed with white ink behind your design to preserve opacity. We can also print your label with white ink only if your design requires it.

Are your labels weatherproof?

No, our custom labels feature a laminate that makes them splash proof and resistant to sunlight.

Can I choose my roll label orientation?

Yes! If you’d prefer a certain orientation on your roll labels, just let us know when your proof is ready, which orientation you prefer.

Can I have more than one design on roll?

Yes, you can. You are able to fill up the whole print width of 100mm at no extra cost.

Can I write on your labels?

Yes, you are able to write on our Eco-Friendly paper labels with a pen or pencil. For our other materials we find permanent markers work best.

Can you split rolls into custom quantities?

Depending on design, it would be possible to split custom designs across rolls.

Die cut labels vs. our digital cut labels

Our labels can be cut to any shape. However, all of our custom labels are digitally cut which means each label is cut individually and there is a small gap between them on the roll. However there is no die setup fee!

Do you offer custom label samples?

We do! However our sample is uncut and serves as a print sample only. If you require a custom cut sample a 10 unit order is required with prices starting at R160 plus shipping, however the print cost is credited against any subsequent order.


Do you print stickers on a roll?

Yes, we are a dedicated roll label printer. We offer custom roll labels and rolls cut down into sheets. Currently, we offer them in clear, circle, oval, die-less cut, rounded corner, square, and rectangle along with a variety of other options.

Do you sell custom labels?

Yes, we sell custom labels. We currently offer the most common shapes (circle, square, rectangle, oval and rounded corner labels) as well as kiss cut roll labels that we cut to any shape you choose at no extra cost.

How many labels can fit on a roll?

Our custom labels rolls fit a minimum of 45 labels. We print up to 100m in length, so depending on the design you can have a maximum of 25,000 stickers.


Sheet labels vs roll labels – what’s the difference?

Sheet labels are printed on A3 sheet with a sturdy liner which helps them keep flat for easy storage and ideal for hand application or on large format Inkjet printers. Roll labels are labels made on a continuous line and are ideal for hand or machine application.

What are the min/max sizes for roll labels?

Our roll labels can accommodate custom sizes from 20mm x 20mm and a width on one side of 100mm.

What is the diameter of a roll label spool?

The diameter of the spool is 76mm.

What is the minimum order quantity for labels?

We offer custom label samples starting at just 10 units per design. For custom rolls, the minimum order required is 50.

What kind of adhesive do clear roll labels have?

Our Vinyl roll labels feature a strong, permanent Acrylic based adhesive that is designed not to leave any glue or residue behind when removed.

What kind of adhesive do labels have?

Our custom labels have a permanent Acrylic based adhesive..

What kind of finish do your labels have?

Our Eco-Friendly paper labels can be made with laminate that makes them splash and sunlight resistant

What kind of material are your labels made from?

Our labels are printed on Paper, Clear or White Vinyl.

What sizes and shapes are offered for labels?

We offer the following label shapes: Circle labels Rectangle labels Square labels Oval labels Rounded corner labels All labels can be ordered in any shape and sizes from 20mm up to 100mm wide and 1.3m long.

What’s the length of a label roll?

We don’t have a standard roll length although we require a minimum length of 5m. The number of units per roll depends on how we organize the work in our queue on the day.