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Custom labels and stickers

printed with PASSION

Do you know…?

Product labels and stickers have a significant role in branding. In order to build brand recognition and increase consumer desire for your goods, presentation is essential. Your label has the power to solidify client loyalty and raise your brand’s awareness. Having a memorable product label makes becoming recognizable easier and simpler for you to become a familiar sight, which builds confidence with the customer.


Wonder what we do?

It’s quite simple. Here at Afrilabel we print bespoke short-run labels and stickers, uniquely you

  • We do rolls of different media, including paper and synthetic film
  • We can print for outdoor use, freezer and cold storage, food, beverages and household goods
  • Our labels are cut to produce a roll of labels or stickers.
  • A6 sheets can also be produced.
  • Artisan labels is our specialty for large ranges lower units
  • Custom craft sticker printers

Whats rolling at Afrilabel?

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