WE print Labels with Love & Passion

Wonder what we do?

It’s quite simple. Here at Afrilabel we print bespoke short-run labels and stickers;

  • We do on demand printing of rolls of different media, including paper and synthetic film
  • We can print labels for outdoor use, freezer and cold storage, food, beverages and household goods
  • And our labels are cut to produce a roll of labels


Just a sneak peak at Mario & Louie in action

printing bespoke low-volume labels and stickers….

We fondly refer to our Italian cutter as Mario in homage to that famous little Italian plumber most of us have had the pleasure of meeting at some point in our lives. Moreover our OKI printer has been dubbed Louie in recognition of his European heritage. During the last few years of producing bespoke short-run labels and stickers we have grown very fond of these little “Lads”. Consequently when it came to making a video to demonstrate the abilities of these machines our designers had a absolute field day, and not surprisingly, this clip turned out to be a tad bit “art deco”. Notwithstanding you can still get a very good idea of Mario and Louie at work.

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